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Fitness Prime was designed and is managed by Irish teachers to be practical solution to increase the fitness, athletic skill base and the general health of school children. The two founders, Chris and Cathal, have over 25 years teaching experience both at primary and secondary level. They are passionate about health and fitness and aim to share their expertise with fellow teachers and their students.

They chose a digital learning platform as the medium for delivery of content as research indicates it is best placed to connect with young people but one which also places no extra workload on teachers or parents. The fact that students can continue their fitness at home through their own personal accounts assured them both that this was the best solution to combat obesity and inactivity.

They invite you to register for free and see for yourself, become part of the Fitness Prime Community and make health and fitness fun for all!

Interview on Today FM

InTouch Magazine April 2015


“We in St.Fiachra’s JS are currently working towards achieving the Active School Flag and have been making greater efforts to promote physical education and physical activity in our school. One of our most exciting events since beginning this process was our investment in the Fitness Prime online education programme. I have found this to be a huge support to me in the delivery of the P.E curriculum by incorporating fundamental movements and skills, warm-up games and stretches.

The children are highly motivated to participate by earning Fitness Prime points and look forward to the new content every two weeks. Some love to try out the new fruit & vegetable of the fortnight, others who were not overly interested in sport to begin with have really grown in confidence as they relish their turn at being class coach. I love the dances myself, in particular the current music that’s used and I find those, as well as the energizers particularly useful to use as a transition between lessons with an Infant class. They get us out of our seats many times a day- the children love it, they get back on task with improved concentration- everyone’s a winner!!! In our room we then like to wind down and relax with some of the yoga moves specific to our class age- we are getting fitter all the time and gathering those all important points along the way.

Fitness Prime has been an invaluable asset to us on our journey to achieve the Active School Flag here in St.fiachra’s JS.”

We have been using Fitness Prime with our 5th and 6th class students, and it has complemented and improved our approach to healthy living in a number of ways. Each day, the children do one of the energisers at 2pm to invigorate them for the last hour of the day. The variety of videos from cardio activites, to yoga to dance have enabled all children to participate and enjoy a short wake up during the two hour block of teaching time. Many of the children have now logged in at home and are following the videos there as well. We are currently doing Food Dudes across the school so the information in the Healthy Living Zone is great for complementing that, and for continuing the focus on healthy eating when the Food Dudes ends. Assessment in Physical Education was always something I found difficult to objectively assess, due to the range of abilities and skills in each class. However, the four termly challenges in the Challenge Zone are fantastic as the allow you to assess key skills at the start of each term. We then do ten minutes of free play at the start of each PE lesson where the children practice these skills, and they are assessed at the end of the term for improvement.

The kids are really enjoying the experience as well, this is what they had to say;

“Our school is been doing the Fit 4 School program for the past week. Our class have done little activities everyday. There was yoga, body wake up, dancing and cardio.
It is really fun. It’s helping a lot. We do it everyday at 2 o’ clock. In Yoga we sit on the floor and watch the people on the screen and do what they do. In body wake up we sit on our seats and do what the man or woman does. And the same with dancing and cardio.

And for P.E we do 10 minutes of these activities: Bean bag throw, clockwise run and the sideways two steps.

To sum up I really enjoyed the Fit 4 School program.”

“Last week we started fit4school. Fit4school is an easy way to get a couple of minutes of exercise each day. We started off fit4school by doing a body shake up. We also have done dancing, cardio and yoga. We learned about healthy eating and how exercising helps children to stay fit and not get obese.

Fitness Prime helps children keep fit. During P.E. we practiced what we had learned on fit4school. This week for ten minutes during p.e we are going to practice our skills.
I think fit4school is really fun; it’s great that it gives us exercise as well as enjoyment.”

“Fitness Prime is an activity that we did from two to three o’ clock to break up the two hours. We had to behave while we were doing it in school, if we did behave we were able to do it at home and earn points.

The activities were yoga, dancing, cardio and body walk up. If we did those at home we got points.”

“Our class have done fit 4 school this term. We done lots of activities such as body wake up’s, chair dancing, yoga, cardio and pretending to be animals.
We all enjoyed are exercises they broke up time during 2 o’clock to 3 o’clock. I especially liked the cardio and the yoga.
When our class did yoga we had to do lots of funny poses like the standing eagle and do lots of other hard poses.
When our class done the chair dance we had to march in our chairs and pretend to swim it was fun and it loosened your joints. Overall I really enjoyed this term of fit 4 school.”

“For fit 4 schools we followed a 5 minute exercise on their website: ww.fit4school.com, and you can follow it too, and it will get you fit and healthy.
There are loads of activities such as yoga, cardio, dance and lots of other fun activities to keep you fit and healthy”

Our school launched Fitness Prime earlier this year in 5th and 6th class. Fitness Prime was an immediate hit with the students. The site works well on the interactive whiteboard and I use it throughout the day when making transitions between subjects. It incorporates fun physical activities into learning throughout the day. The excitement my students initially experienced after being introduced to the website has motivated some pupils to use Fitness Prime at home too.

The combination of easy to follow action zone videos, information on healthy eating, and physical challenges make it an engaging program for pupils. The program has increased the pupils activity levels each day, increased and challenged the pupils physical capabilities, and heightened the pupils awareness and the importance of healthy eating.

From my experience with using Fitness Prime, I can see it is hugely beneficial in terms of how it motivates all pupils to engage in physical activity. My pupils love the energizer, body wake ups, yoga, dance, and cardio videos. These videos are 3-4 minutes long and they ensure pupils are active and stimulated throughout the day.

A change in attitude changes everything and Fitness Prime is successfully changing pupils attitude to their health and well-being in my classroom.

A Chara,

Tá áthas orm deis a fháil mo thuairim a thabhairt ar an scéim corpoideachas ‘Fitness Prime’, ceann des na haiseanna is spreagula le teacht chuig an scoil againne le blianta anuas.

We have recently become aware of the ‘Fitness Prime’ programme, and since adopting it in the senior classes originally, it has become a massive success amongst the teachers, pupils and parents. Child obesity and general fitness levels, along with healthy eating has long been a national concern for parents and teachers alike. The ‘Fitness Prime’ programme manages to tackle these issues in a fun, interactive and (vitally) extremely teacher friendly manner!

The success of the ‘Fitness Prime’ programme in my view, is three fold:

1. Children take ownership of their fitness/well-being
2. Parental interaction and cooperation is encouraged
3. Continuously updated material and videos.

Every school strives to promote parental involvement, but this involvement can often be obtrusive to the fluidity and the structure of the school day. With ‘Fitness Prime’ the child and the parent work together to achieve targets by completing tasks and eating the various vegetables and fruit in order to collect points. The parents’ feedback has been unanimous in their admiration for the programme and are amazed at their child’s enthusiasm for the tasks and movement exercises.

Another vitally important aspect to ‘Fitness Prime’ is that it doesn’t necessarily favour the ‘sporty’ or ‘athletic’ child. I have been amazed at the child who has stood out from the crowd at the dance exercises or the more challenging yoga moves. The yoga sessions are a particular favourite of my own Rang 4,5 agus 6. Whether it’s the opportunity to show off their flexability, or (and more likely!), to watch their Muinteoir’s pathetic attempts at following the movements on screen, is a matter for another day!

We’ll certainly be rolling the programme out to the wider school population due to pupil and parental demand. It has opened my own eyes to the wider P.E curriculum as I was certainy guilty on hindsight, of focusing on the team sports and agility aspects of the P.E curriculum. I couldn’t recommend this programme enough,for schools intent on tackling child obesity and arming the children with the tools towards achieving a healthy approach to living.

Molaim an coras ‘Fitness Prime’ go hard na spéire, agus guim gach rath orthu don todhchaí.

I have been using the Fitness Prime website with my class of 32 for the past two months now and am very pleased. Sometimes when we sign up to new initiatives it involves a lot more work on behalf of the teacher but in fairness to the Fitness Prime team the only work involved for me is logging in each morning and occasionally recording children’s scores.

The activities and video demonstrations on the site are very practical. I use one or two of the energisers every day to give the class a break and the children really enjoy them and they are definitely energised after. The dances are very popular with the class. The warm ups and cool downs are very effective and I have used some of them during my P.E. lessons. It is nice to not have to think up of different activities each week, they are there ready for you online.

The children are really engaging with the site too. I base my class coach selection on who is on top of the leader board so the element of competition is encouraging them to engage with the programme at home. The class coach can use the interactive whiteboard to demonstrate activities to the class and I have also started to allow the class coach to take the warm up and cool down during P.E lessons having practiced them at home. I have seen a big increase in the confidence of some of the children who have acted as class coach. The fact that there is an app version of Fitness Prime available greatly appealed to the children in my class with most of them downloading it to their iPad or tablet.

The challenge this term is to see how far you can run in three minutes. The children tried it out and we logged our results. It is great to see now that they all want to improve their scores. They are ‘in training’ and it is great to see the class running laps at break times and during golden time, all of their own accord.

The healthy eating aspect of the site is interesting and it is great to see the children trying out new food and learning about the health benefits. One boy in fifth class decided to try to eat half a lemon for lunch last week seeing as it was the fruit of the fortnight!

The website is very easy to navigate and the fact that the fruit and veg and other videos are updated fortnightly keeps things fresh and the children interested and engaged. It is hard to outline all the positives of Fitness Prime so I would highly recommend other teachers to try it out with their class and experience the benefits for themselves.

I like Fitness Prime because it encourages you to eat healthy. It also tells you the health benefits of the fruit and veg of the fortnight. I think Ireland needs websites like these to keep children healthy. I like the look of the website and the activities are fun. The yoga is something different and the dances are great!!

Fitness Prime is a great website for keeping fit and healthy. There are lots of fun activities and recipes to try out. I like the dancing the best. I also like the recipes. I tried to make the egg muffins and they were really nice. I would recommend Fitness Prime to other schools.

Fitness Prime is a website designed to keep you healthy and fit.

If you want to register for the website your teacher give the class an activation code so the next day you can register.

There are three different zones named The Action zone, Heathy eating zone and The Challenge zone. Now I am going to explain what each zone means.

Action zone is all about keeping fit and doing a lot of activities for example dance, yoga, stretches, games and tasks.

The Healthy eating zone gives you recipes and ideas on what food is healthy to eat for example kiwi, apple, orange, cucumber are far healthier than a bar of chocolate. Every fortnight we have a fruit and veg of the fortnight.

The Challenge zone is where challenges are set for the class and all of us to do together for example running, hops and push up’s. These are very fun to do with the class.
Fitness Prime points are given any time you eat the fruit or veg of the fortnight. The coach that is selected can do a lunchbox check.

The Fitness Prime coach can be selected by the teacher every weekend. The coach that is selected gets five extra points if they are selected. When we are doing P.E the coach tells you what stretches to do and how to play the games. If you are selected to be the coach there is a video that you can watch all about what the coach does.

If you want to earn points you can watch a video on Fitness Prime.If you watch the same video five times or more you will get five extra points. The reason the site here is that people wanted children to get fit and healthy instead of watching t.v.

Fitness Prime is very fun and it keeps you active and fit.

On your profile you can set up your own profile picture and get lot’s and lot’s of points. Best of luck with the points and hope you keep fit and healthy.
So if you’re bored and have nothing to do just go online and look up Fitness Prime.

Thanks for reading this article all about Fitness Prime.If you want to keep healthy and fit then just ask your teacher if you can get involved if your teacher say yes then you will definitely be heathy, active and fit.


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